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食べる・食べる・食べる展 第二品目(横浜)



11th Discover the One Japanese Art 2022 in Paris(フランス・パリ)

Hi, my name is titi!

I am an artist based in Japan.

When I was a child, I moved from Japan to the United States, and with a language barrier, what helped me was drawing.
To me, drawing is still the best way to express my worldview ​​and feelings.

I love the beauty of nature, all the colorful things, vegan cooking, reading books and traveling around the world to discover new inspiration.

This world is wonderfully colorful and full of endless colors.

It is not as simple as red, blue, yellow, or green.

For example, even greens are amazingly diverse: the green of deep forests, the green of young leaves, the deep green of avocado peels, the yellow-green of glossy tree frogs, the bright green of tomatoes before they ripen ……, and so on.

In fact, ever since I can remember, I have been able to see “colors” around people, like an aura.

It’s not so much that I can see them with the naked eye, but more like I can feel them.

Since I am not good at remembering people’s faces and names, I recognize people by their colors, like “the turquoise blue man” or “the lemon yellow woman”.

It is very interesting to observe people’s “color” because every time I meet them, their color is a little different, and some people’s color changes completely when their stage of life changes.

I used to think that this was quite normal for me, but it wasn’t until recently, when I was much older, that I learned that this was not actually the case.

I enjoy creating artworks while making use of this unique sense of color that I was born with.

The theme of my work is “World Peace”.

There are many things happening on the earth today, but I believe that world peace will surely be realized if each and every one of us becomes peaceful in our hearts.

Whenever I receive messages from people who have seen my work, saying that it heals them or cheers them up, I realize that the energy that art has is amazing.

If I could continue painting while traveling around the world, I would never be happier.